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Rotor Lab – Workshops for Little Scientists

S.T.E.A.M/M.I.N.T Workshops für Kinder

Bild der Dankstelle Rotor Lab – Workshops for Little Scientists
Bild der Dankstelle Rotor Lab – Workshops for Little Scientists
Bild der Dankstelle Rotor Lab – Workshops for Little Scientists

Über uns

Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics. (S.T.E.A.M.) Workshops for Young Kids.
English - German Bilingual Workshops (4 - 8 years)


At ROTOR LAB, I am a Scientist who wants to introduce young children to science and to stoke their curiosity and help them on this wonderful journey of exploration. I use the imaginative world of storytelling and age-appropriate, hands-on experiments to introduce little minds to the world of science. Themed workshops gives the little scientists the opportunity to explore nature and learn about the everyday things that surround them, and think critically (scientifically) about it all.

The workshop themes range from space and stars, forensics to the natural world, healthy eating and engineering challenges like racing cars and coding!

Curious little scientists can also discover free science activities at https://rotor-lab.com/scienceathome

Science is for everyone!


Philipp-Reis Strasse, 20
69115 Heidelberg
+49 1748713793 rotor-lab.com

Erreichbarkeit / Lage

Instagram: @rotorlab.kids
Facebook: @rotorpublishing
WhatsApp: +49 1748713793
LinkedIn: in/pooja-joshi-phd
ODER company/rotor-lab

The bilingual science workshops (English - German) usually take place twice every month and can be pre-booked for children between the ages 4 -8 years. Currently the workshops have been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic.

Aufgrund der aktuellen Corona-Bestimmungen ist es uns derzeit nicht möglich zu öffnen.

Hier können Sie alternativ den Dankeschein abgeben:

Bitte schicken Sie den Dankeschein in einem Umschlag an folgende Anschrift: Pooja Joshi Philipp-Reis Strasse, 20 D-69115 Heidelberg ODER per email: info@rotor-lab.com
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